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Hello All,


PBBans is seeking the assistance of our supporters. Our growth over the last year has propelled us to nearly 5,500 servers currently streaming. Because of this growth, so do the bandwidth requirements, server limitations, etc. and unfortunately this isn't free. We would like to continue to expand our services and offer the community an even wider array of tools to keep your servers clean. PBBans is a non-profit organization and we survive solely on donations from our faithful supporters.


We need to purchase a new server blade for a database server. We are looking to raise an additional $1,500. Any donation, no matter how small helps us to keep on top of all things required to keep PBBans as a premiere Anti-Cheat site.


We have a PayPal link on our main web page http://www.pbbans.com/ (listed as Make A Donation) or you can click here.


Anyone who has been with PBBans for any length of time will attest to the fact that its not often you see the begging bowl getting passed around. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!!!


The PBBans Team





Without a doubt, we have set a RECORD!


$1,530 raised in just under 19 hours!!!!!


The PBBans Team would like to say thank you for your speedy response to our needs. Just as a reminder, PBBans survives solely on donations and the addition of this new equipment will raise our monthly expenditures. We ask that you keep us in mind and donate when you can to help us with our operations expenditures.

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Will send you a donation towards the end of the week guys, when I get paid.

Have also posted on our forums to see if any clan members want to help out. You can view it here.

Just an idea but would it be good if there was a few game server providers willing to sponsor PBBans?


Keep up the good work guys

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:o Hi ,

I tried to click on the link that you have setup for PayPal donations to find that the link does not work. It takes me to a page that cannot be displayed. Please check it out, I appreciate the streaming of my servers and would be happy to help out with the new gear.



ExtremeMaximum Administrator & Founder

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I just started streaming to PPBans not more than a month ago and I've seen great results, especially with all the info available on GUIDS, aliases, IPs, linked GUIDs, etc. Excellent work guys. I'm currently broke but I'll make the effort to at least send some $$. B)

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Jsut had a thought... not often for me!


Can we arrange a donation campaign on behalf of pbbans? that way they are not begging and we can make it fun. you have seen the adverts on TV for dontating just

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