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Can a player not be skilled anymore?


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I don't know what it is with other players just lately but I find a lot of them are far too quick to cry cheat if you're playing well.


We've all been there I think, having a really great game and no matter what you seem to do you keep scoring and going up the leaderboard but then you get other players saying, cheater or he must be hacking, can a player not be good at a game anymore?


It really surprises me that you can't have 1 good game anymore because you'll be accused of cheating, I even registered my name with Punkbuster hoping to stop the cheat accusations but to no avail.


I have played some fantastic players (COD4) far better than me but surely with practice you get better? It seems that for some players the only way you can be good at a game now is if you cheat or use some kind of 3rd party software to gain an advantage :o


For those that think that, we don't all cheat :angry:


I feel much better now :P :lol:

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Ignore them. Most decent servers will tell the accusers to shut up. We get alot of whining on our servers if someone is good they must be hacking. Had some guy the other day tell me someone was "definately hacking, I've been playing this game for three years..blah blah". It gets tedious for server admins to. If people can't beat the other person they cannot handle the fact they might just be better.

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People often say to me that i am a hacker, they also say i will report you to EA PB PBBAns etc. However as soon as i ask wich cheat should i be using then they say, aimbot cause you shoot me from train at warehouse.


People mostly only know 1 hack...aimbot they think aimbot can do everything shoot trough walls etc just shows how noobisch some people are.


Take it as a compliment for your skills mate:).

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If someone keeps crying cheater omg hax, we just tell them to shut it or leave. If they continue, we just give'em the boot. It keeps us from having to listen to them and let's our players know that we care about them, so everyone's happy. The accuser usually doesn't come back, heh.

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Hackusations will roll freely, at times, on any server. What I tell those on my own servers, is that we already stream here, and that we're well protected. Anything suspicious, by all means, take a demo, and send it to me. Only works for some games, but if I had a nickle for everytime someone sent me a demo for COD4 from my own server, just to prove them wrong, I'd prolly be able to retire rich right now. There's a difference between getting owned by someone, or them being a cheater. I wouldn't worry about the comments to much.


If you're finding it's an issue in the current game you play, perhaps it's time to move on to a new game instead, and test new waters. Just a suggestion.

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i am admin in MetalHeadz and so is my wife Aussiegirl as roadwarrior knows. we cop this all the time as aussie is one of our top players. she is real good. we tell em if ya dont like it leave. it has become a joke to us now.gets to much BOOT gone lol

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Unfortunately with the number of *actual* cheats in the game, it's inevitable that genuinely skilled players will often be wrongly accused.


The current climate is one where cheating is more common than we want to believe.


If you play often enough though, you can't ignore it.


I've even seen cheating players on my own team come up to me and fire an entire clip at the ground in front of my feet, without any pause or any overheat (in BF2142) just to show that they've got undetected hacks (they know it's a good way to wind me up as I make no attempt to hide how much I hate the cheating community).


So, if you're not a cheat then (as these guys said) try to feel complimented rather than insulted.


I receive the occasional hackusation over my knife skills, and I never get nasty with the person in question, because I totally see things from their point of view too.

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I understand your comments as to why some players might be regarded as cheaters, with the amount of hacks out there I guess it's only a matter of time if you happen to show some skill but how about this, first time on this server: - HSS Crossfire Hardcore


Kicked for 2880 minutes, why? The admin suspected me of using a bind for my G3 to fire, I use the mouse ONLY, I have never and will never use any type of bind to gain an advantage so it would seem that even if you can press the mouse button fast (it's a semi-automatic weapon so you need to be quick) that is still regarded as some kind of advantage :(


Admin asked if I use the mouse wheel to fire I stated 'no' then I was kicked, pathetic!!!

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I think this is were good admins come in tbh. As much as this subject is a bore to admins, we have to deal with it properly to show our other visiting players that we are fair and consistant as previously mentioned and will not tolerate idiots who constantly moan and accuse players of hacking or any other grief, call it wot u will, just because the accusers are crap at the game.


As mentioned above again, if there is an instant were someone thinks hacking is happening then record it and then let the admins of that server deal with it. Put up or shut up imo.


Imo, don't accuse until the evidence is there.


This guy Ren plays on our server so i no how he plays and yes he is a good player but I would not take that away from him just cos he may on the occassion whoop my ass.


Game on Ren ;)

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