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AA3 Patched and working!


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Never even got to a server yet to even try PB.




What's worse than dealing with the auth server crap during training is trying to actually play a game. >.>;


Impossible for me because it either crashes, shows the maps screens then brings me back to the menu, or gives some kind of authorization failure.

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Apparently according to community manager's with the AGP, there's going to be an announcement made within the next 24 hours regarding the project. And supposedly it's good news...



(I personaly think the DEV's got fired for failing yet another release)

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You can say that, crappy as hell at the moment.

Basic training crashed a couple of times and not saving.

Have to start all over again.


Tried to connect servers, crashing back to serverlist or if you get in the server doesn't start playing.

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I heard Obama cut funding to AA3 so there will be no update :P


They should do :P


If I were American, I don't think I'd appreciate my tax money being spent on games.

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Game cost what a few million to create vs the billions spent on the war, banks, etc.


Congress on Thursday sent President Barack Obama a massive spending bill aimed at ensuring that the military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan won't run out of money in the coming months.


The $106 billion emergency war bill also branches off to provide money for programs ranging from pandemic flu preparedness to a "cash for clunkers" initiative to encourage drivers to switch to more fuel-efficient vehicles.




Congress has passed such bills every year since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and with enactment of this legislation the amount will near $1 trillion, with about 70 percent going to the conflict in Iraq.




AA is pocket change :P

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America's Army 3

  • Removed apparent lag caused by other players entering or leaving a server
  • Improved start of round spawn issues
  • Resolved problem with training results not saving
  • Improved communication with Authentication server
  • Eliminated freezing up when moving from one training mission to another
  • Cleared up hesitation during training missions
  • Significantly reduce number of authentication transactions between player and Authentication server
  • Solved achievements save and display problems
  • Improved Login communication with Authentication server
  • Improved player statistics tracking for better accuracy
  • Improved overall performance

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after many bug riddled tries i made it to MOUT. graphics are so bad i could not distinguish friend from foe. i got so tired of hearing the Drill chastising me........so, i shot the Drill.....now i am in CCF


could only see 39 servers anyway. i could not join any.

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