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Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition


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lol I'm buying the xbox version with my friend just for the goggles....many of my friends say they actually work well and you can see pretty good with them

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If I want NVGs, I'll buy a set. I wouldn't pay over the odds for some random chinese crap with branded stickers on. It is most likely a rubbish 1st gen set. Sure its cool, but not worth the money at all.



You already have a set. You use them to spy on MaydaX.... Oh shouldn't have told him.

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A week ago we reported that it was looking unlikely that PC owners would not be able to get their own Prestige Version of Modern Warfare 2 (the one with the night vision goggles). While some might be upset about this situation we thought we were at least getting the Hardened Edition of Infinity Ward's upcoming FPS. That edition, whic in fact is listed as a pre-order option on the Amazon.com web site, has a behind-the-scenes DVD, an art book and a code to download the first Call of Duty game.


Well get ready for some bad news. IGN is reporting (and Big Download has confirmed via an PR rep with publisher Activision) that the Hardened Edition won't be made available to PC players either, at least according to Infinity Ward's community mananger Robert Bowling. We haven't gotten a reason yet as to why PC players are being left (again) out in the cold in regards to getting the same kinds of editions as their console counterparts will have a chance to purchase.




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This is actually so much BS on the part on infinity ward.........we should have the same damn games and editions as console even if the PC version doesn't make that much money in return.....but in these days that's all what those f*ckers care about anyways...money money money...nothing else...

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Personelly i think they would like to push everyone one day to console. One less platform to develop an trouble shoot with updates after release.

Seems more company's starting to do this more an more lately.

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