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iPhone 4 - Your Take?


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While I'd love to upgrade my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4 the word 'fail' comes to mind. So what do we have (the two main issues)?


* an antenna issue which limits how you can hold your phone


(but supposedly is the result of low signal miscommunicated by software. oh, and, which is proving to be a lie (iPhone 4.0.1 isn't the solution - today);


* an advanced hardened screen which breaks easier than it's predecessors!


Is the iPhone 4 Apple's Vista? The share price has been dipping down ever since release and it's all blown up since an influential consumer report said it wouldn't recommend the iPhone 4 (earlier this week).


And the latest from Apple (today): Apple plans surprise briefing on iPhone 4 antenna issue.


Do you have an iPhone 4? Does it work? Does it suffer from the famous death grip? Do you think a recall will happen? Is it all just blown out of proportion?

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Over hyped, friend of mine got one recently, cant get a signal anywhere.


Not keen on the i-pad either.


Apple are the masters of marketing with people rushing in droves to buy their latest tech. Only thing is other brands are making similar and in cases more widely compatible devices for half the price.





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Honestly I'd wait for the 4gs or what ever the hardware revision is called. That or after they recall it, if that recall it that is.




Apple will be holding a special conference this coming Friday for the iPhone 4. Not much information is available about what will be discussed or if anything will be revealed. The conference will be just about the iPhone 4 and starts on July 16 at 10am PDT.
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So Apple are giving away free iPhone covers to all who complain about the signal issue!


Free bumper case anyone? lol On top of that there also offering refunds until the end of September for anyone not happy (bet the mobile networks love that idea).




I suspect a tweaked hardware model will probably be in the works for late this year, maybe as rumoured some sort of an internal bumper...

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