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MBi passes quarter of a million bans


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It's been almost 9 years since PBBans was created and now the MBi has just passed the quarter of a million bans mark. Seems like yesterday we were the little guy trying to make a name for ourselves. With the addition of PBUCON which resulted in the creation of the PBBans Hub, there was no more need for admins to choose which anti-cheat community they wished to stream to and streaming to multiple log repositories became a reality.


Over the years we grew from a community of less than 100 streaming servers, using just phpBB forums to submit new bans by posting server PB logs (before streaming existed) to the community we are today. For anyone that never saw our old website from way back in 2004 you can view it here.


We wish to thank all the server admins over the years who have made it possible by: streaming their servers to PBBans, submitting PBSS and demos, and adding cheat related MD5 and CVAR checks to their servers. They are the ones who helped make this happen. We also wish to thank the many people who donated funds over the years that covers our hosting and hardware costs.

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Very nice!


It's great to see so many bans but it does show just how bad cheating has become and the need for sites like this to keep the servers clean.

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Thanks alot to all the PBBans staff members who put in a lot of time to make this the best anti-cheat community!

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Only recently became a SGA - but I've appreciated the work that PBBans does long before I became a SGA back when I was a player, not an admin (no one tells you it's a full time job :o)

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Woot! The tools, information, and services available to streaming admins, have been greatly appreciated. Been streaming since Bc2 and now Bf3. Keep up the good work! Who was 250k? :)

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Congratulations, agreat number for a Great Community


This shows the Breakthrough of the fight against Pbbans trap, reinforced by attacks useless that lead to nothing, just shows how big it is, this community


Thank you for supporting us when the others got back, Thanks for your great work against the trap, Thanks for so much effort and dedication to the fight against cheaters, keeping our servers clean and safe, thugs, cheater and hackers, Thanks for so much dedication, time and effort, always from the heart and without asking anything in return, always trying to help, Thanks for analyzing our videos, write the streaming, watching our catches, supporting attacks on you and your work, update tools and thousand things but, thanks PBbans


Only regret not know English, and to write without fear of what the translator translate web , for that reason it also will put in my language, so that you may knowby translating


Pbbans Thanks for the great work and efforts







Esto demuestra , el Gran Avance de la lucha contra la trampa de Pbbans , reafirmada por ataques , inutiles que no llevan a nada , solo demuestra lo Grande que es , esta comunidad


Gracias , por apoyarnos cuando los demas nos dieron la espalda , Gracias por vuestro Gran trabajo , contra los trampa , Gracias por tantos esfuerzos y dedicacion a la lucha contra los tramposos , manteniendo limpio nuestros servidores y seguros , de maleantes , cheater y hackers , Gracias por tanta dedicacion , tiempo y esfuerzo , siempre desde el corazon y sin pedir nada a cambio , siempre intentando Ayudar , Gracias por analizar nuestro videos , danos los Streaming , mirando nuestras capturas , soportando ataques contra vosotros y vuestro trabajo, actualizar las herramientas y mil cosas mas , Gracias PBbans


Solo Lamento no Saber ingles , y poder escribir , sin miedo a lo que traducira el traductor web , por esa razon lo pondre tambien en mi lenguaje , para que al traducir sepais lo que quiero decir




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Player QS-NoScopeHD360 ( 77db5f1c ) was banned by =F|A= in Call of Duty 4 for AIMBOT #50620 - BanID: 270000

BanID: 270000 nice round number, that



What do we get for busting the punk?:)

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Anyone find it ironic that the tag line is "Always quality over quantity", and yet the thread is celebrating a numerical value :D


Quarter of a million quality bans :P

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