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Help Looking For Dedicated Gaming Server

RoOF UberMatt

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Been looking for awhile now due to the provider we have now is shameful.


Can anyone recommend a good provider for cheap and reliable Dedicated Servers?



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Been looking for awhile now due to the provider we have now is shameful.

b33f.co.uk by anychance ? if not dont get one from them they're about as much use as a bucket of shrimp. Anyways as fozzer said jolt they're to banana and you might also want to try http://www.inx-gaming.co.uk (offline at the mo tho) :(

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Gameservers are not dedicated servers...


Jolt do offer dedicated servers but at massive cost....


Look on google, there are a few good providers if you search hard enough

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if your wanting a dedicated game server in the usa insomnia365 would be the best route to go which is a satellite off theplanet or go through one of there resellers that sell dedicated servers from them like clan-hosting.If your looking to use paypal etc better to go through a reseller and theplanet,server matrix and insomnia do not accept paypal only credit cards.With a dedicated server you get around 8-10 servers depending on ram and processor.Or you can rent your servers 1 by 1.

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Heres a warning...DO NOT USE HBD GAMING !!!!!!!! ,,, I just paid the guy 3 months in advance 3 weeks ago,,,,server has been shut down since last week and I'm banned from any HBD GAMING forums....Basically , he took the 120.00 and ran...I am posting this to all forums out there and would appreciate it if people also passed on the word on there forums ,,,It would be MUCH appreciated if they did...Fozzer knows the details on why he ran with the money , I wont post details here...just remember the name and pass it on HBD GAMING = RIP OFF !!!!!


**admin edit**

this is the one complaint that i'll allow here because of the nature of this blatant rip off.


**admin edit2** with hindsight i think it might be wise to allow our forum users to post their experiences of GSP's good and bad so others can benefit from that experience.

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