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cursing impersonating.


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Hi guys,


Is it possible that a player on a server is using someones name and is cursing or shouting under that name.?


I.E. ..I am Darkmyst, i dont like a certain player .........let me see, called Spitfire, and I start to shout and curse people and use his name so everybody thinks He is doing it and not me. Is that possible and also if i am spectating a player, can he show up to me not under his real name, but someone else name.? And how and where can we check it out or find the logs.



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theres a glitch on rtcw servers that i will not explain here but it allows you to spam the server in someone elses name and say whatever you want at the map end - no one uses it on jolt servers after i banned 14 players for it :P they had to come and explain themselves before i lifted the bans lmao :D

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Found the problem after spitting through the etserverlog. The guy was using the same (visable) name but was using a different color code......for example........^5*..............^u*..........is giving exactly the same color but it is a different code.

Is that the reason punkbuster could not kick him for namestealing.??


How can we prevent this and where do i find the guid from the players. I could not find it in the server log.??

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ah your a Enemy-Territory Server admin, well imo i've noticed the namelock feature via pb doesnt work worth a damn w/ certain characters i.e. [ and / etc.. if youre hoster runs a Linux server maybe look into using etadmin mod (works with all other enemy-territory mods). it has a nice Nickname protection feature and clan tag protection :)

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