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err what is it? I have one of our members that keeps getting kicked for it.

a bit self explanatory .. base/z_no_fog.pk3 means he has a pk3 in his base folder that removes fog .. its been made kickable as opposed to ban and needs to be removed.

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As far I know this file is useless when its not on the server pc IF the server is set to be pure (sv_pure 1)?

Keeping your server clean starts with an pure server I think.

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If a player comes on my server using a no fog hack I tend to give him 3 chances to remove the offending file after explaining why he is getting kicked. If he still continues to use this I then issue a local permanent ban.

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Personally a z_no_fog.pk3 should be considered a cheat and the person should be banned for it, it is no different than any other pk3 hack it would give the player an advantage of viewing another player when other player can not.

But wow why is this not considered a cheat ban able.

Gringo if you would get with me later on this would like to know which team member has or had this in there base dir.

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Ya i see lots of them



[02.26.2007 15:33:56] VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: ^$Thug A^#m^$A^#z^#^$I^#G^$h (slot #1) MD5Tool Mismatch: base/smoke.pk3 (len=2048) [c0fa46fbcb2f79baec6191c6f1ad9dde(-)]

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Well from my experience with players from past clans of mine who were busted using this I learned that basicaly the reason it's not bannable anymore is cuz it was an auto downloaded file in many cases since certain server you entered you would auto download this file if you had downloads on.


Notice the z in /z_no_fog.pk3 means it was a auto downloaded file since almost all auto downloaded files have the z in them from my experience with these sort of files. I personal have my auto downloads off & delete any of these type's of files from my folder if I do get them some how by chance.


But yes IMO this should be bannable after so many offenses for it since most players I seen busted with it knew they had & knew they could get away with using it & not get banned since all they would have to do is appeal it cry auto dowloaded it then ban lifted. Hell 1 of my 1st clans a guy was busted with it 4 times the 3rd time we told em get rid of it was busted again after that & he knew damn well he was using it but played dumb came & appealed it & it was lifted which I thought was lame cuz he did indeed use it to hack but their are many cases where newer players don't realize they auto downloaded this file that might be screwed over if it was bannable.


Prvtparts thats not a no fog pk3 thats a no smoke pk3 which isn't an auto downloaded file so I asume thats why it is bannable.

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