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Bash and Slash PBBans Interview


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Bash and Slash recently sat down for an in depth interview with PBBans co-founder RodeoBob.


BASH 54: The eSherriff's back in town


BS: What is PBBans and how did it start? RB: PBBans was formed in 2003 to provide the community top-notch PunkBuster

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Very nice Interview! I was surprised he didn't grill you more on the cvar checking. With Jock Yitch's configs that make 'questionable' changes I thought maybe he was going to bring that up and ask what you though about it.


Way to go, RodeoBob!


BTW - USAF Vet here - Keep up the great work in the Force!

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Oops, missed that DoH, blame the wife hassling me to use the pc :blink:


Edit: 4% loaded, whats that noise? Hmmm, muted till the music is over :P

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Mosquito Net FTW!!!!!


Great Job Bob & thank you for your service not only here but with the USAF.Air Force brat born & raised myself.

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I took the time to listen to the interview. Very well done! I guess I'm gonna have to make sure to load up some snow for Bob into the next reefer-trailer I send down his way and have it delivered to his front lawn. ;)

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Holy thread-revival! :P


Still, it was a great interview, and RB is still as out-standing as always. ;)


lol no kidding, but im gonna point out something that may have been overlooked:


...here recently we have teamed up with another organization that goes beyond that and says that if the individual is caught cheating with one GUID, they are banned as well from any additional GUID that they may obtain later down the road...


that other organization would be |RA| Respected Admins.


want to know more about |RA| and more importantly how to get these additional bans added to your server? visit our website @ http://respectedadmins.com

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