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Give me PROPS!


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I made buffnuggets turn off his private messages with just one PM!

Here it is the convo and the reply that he didnt want to read...

I really should change the first line in my response...


Recently your organization has rejected our application for having an invalid website.

Our team doesnt have a website due to a lack of funding. Although we could create a free website that we would never use, im sure you would agree, this wouldnt help either of us. I applied with the hopes your organization had the intentions of helping the online community stop cheaters. I now believe this to be false after experiencing your elitis rules first hand. Righfully assuming you will defend your elitism, I find it highly hypocritical of your organization to complain about IW's new multiplayer design. I'm sure you are helping their cause with your selective membership, driving away teams and inadvertently growing support for your demise. Any team willing to pay 20+ dollars a month for a server and spend the time following your prepartion instructions is creditable. Furthermore, we are not an average team. Our try level is elevated and it's shocking we can't be apart of the Call of Duty extended community.


With that said, I hope you realize our team does not possess a website by choice and we are a competition team in need of your service.


Thank you




P.S: Don't make me pre-order MW2! <--jokes :P


Thanks for your response.


We make no exception on the requirements, you got to have a clan website or a community website.

You can agree with it or not. We have learned from the past and there are a lot of clans out there with hackers inside. With websites we can check the rosters (tags and names), etc.


And if we find a clan, they have to remove them or they lose streaming, cause we have a zero tolerance policy against hackers. Coming to stream at PBBans is a free choice, you don't have to, but if you do you have meet our requirements. We don't ask for money for support, our services, etc.


All anti-cheat communities have their own requirements, you just don't agree with ours.

We are still growing everyday and are the biggest community right now.

Why is that? Cause we are good at what we do in here, catching hackers and keep clans clean.


You might be starting to clean up your clan as well, just found 3 hackers inside your clan.

Another reason you would be denied streaming here.


Good day to you.





First off thank you for taking the time to actually reply and instead of the one line response.


I 100 percent do not follow your logic in the requirement of websites. To be honest I would rather pay your organization 5 dollars a month over 10 dollars a month for a website we would never use. I also will have total control over what is on my website(ie: the choice to alter a banned players guid or leave him off all together). However, I do agree with you checking on teams and their players.


The correct way would be checking their current leagues/ladders team pages since that is what truely matters. Im not sure how you found my team and checked guid's. Now im not saying you didnt find our team page on CSL but if you didnt need a website why are we required to have one?


Please dont make empty threats that 3 of my memebrs are cheaters. List their names/guids and maybe some proof so I may deal with that issue swiftly due to the fact we are in CSL playoffs. Now that its clear im not a retard trying to get our server streaming so our players CANT play on it... Can you please consider a donation for membership or even excepting our Leagues team page as a valid third party website. I will have no control over and no possible way of altering guid's or hiding a banned player.


I am also glad to hear of your growth and would like to further your progress with our membership. I respect what you stand for and hope you will allow my team to have a cheater free server so we can have a fair chance.


Thank you again for you time





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Bottom Line:


If your team account application does not meet the requirements listed in the Streaming Application Requirements, you will be denied a team account.


Many clans have taken the effort the meet and maintain our requirements. It is your choice not to take that effort.


Additional Note:

The name is Buffnuggles, not the name you used. There should no reason to get the name wrong.

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I was close on his name ^_^ but normally if someone doesnt want to talk with you, you might even use worse names. I understand why it was denied but the points I made remain. Also can you please list who cheats on my team. I really really really need to know. If you say I need a website for that information im buying 10 copies of mw2

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To be honest, it doesn't matter to PBBans nor the community at large....how many copies of MW2 you purchase. Our streaming requirements are set in place and are not waiver able. It appears by your choice in bringing Buffnuggles PM out and posting it here....you wish to incite some public bashing of our policies....try again. The rules are rules.

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I didnt start the conversation here and I didnt plan on bringing it here. Im not sure why youre bashing my actions to make it public. Its my first time posting an app and communitcating with the staff. I was very impressed with the length of his response but not with his actions. I knew I had a very slim chance of changing your policies, but I wanted to question them. If thats wrong heil hitler... (lol @ quality over quantity)


My point with the mw2 comments is because one of their reasons for killing deds was their attempt to bring the communities closer together and to make them easier to access. I 100 percent love deds and Ive played online games way back before deds. I understand how horrible it will be(especially cheating) and never ever will support IW net. My commnets are more of a joke because youre making them right.


There is only one video that can convey my experience here


If this was my first experience with pc games it would be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EebObs-vC0


Oh and did you guys check on my team yet? Feel free to private message me if it makes you feel better.

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All other SGA do it you said yourself you can get a website for free so whats the big issue ? its not hard is it you want to join a group you do so under there rules & regs.


Get a free website and all sortted (But it sounds like you got to clean up some tards first also)

P.S. if they find your roster even us mear SGA can see if your members have been banned before & if your so against cheats & want to stream surely getting a website would be the easiest thing to do!.


PBBans provide a great services for free & as they said above they are probally the best anticheat org out there.


So i really dont see what you argument is conform to there TOS & then you can stream.

simple really

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Heres some PROPS! #3 is my favorite.. its in stainless steel ;)













pm me is you want more props




LMAO!!! Man Ive never seen anyone give props like that! I give you props for giving proper props!

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I was close on his name ^_^ but normally if someone doesnt want to talk with you, you might even use worse names. I understand why it was denied but the points I made remain. Also can you please list who cheats on my team. I really really really need to know. If you say I need a website for that information im buying 10 copies of mw2



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