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To you dumb ni*g*rs


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how has the hack selling been going here at pbbans?


been doing ok?

how about MW2?

yeah thats right, you f*ck tards have been exposed and continue to be exposed as hack makers.








the hacks are sold which funds pbbans website, because the owners and administrators of the site are on the boards 9+ hours a day.


and plus I got first hand proof Pbbans which handles alot of shit for PB and Evenbalance is the ones who made hacks for WAW and COD4, and they probably making hacks for MW2 as well.





Seems wwepatriot thinks [sDs]Duave was banned for nothing and that we sell hacks. He is just some random idiot making claims without showing any proof. PBBans does not and never will make / sell hacks.


Duave is clean alright /sarcasm


->PBSV: [From #3 ffb7(VALID) [sDs]Duave] [KEY_F12 = _toggle_hack][KEY_KP_INS = _menu_toggle][2 key binding matches found]




Feel free to give bulletpokemonmaster aka sarentack aka wwepatriot as much negative rep as possible :P

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He's still making these stupid claims? What an idiot...


(I know he can't respond to these, but whatever.)


But the fact PB wasnt banning the people, Pbbans wasnt banning players and calling obvious hackers legit even off of demos prompt me to do a little investigating.


No anti-cheat is perfect, dedede.



I got several youtube videos in the process where they actually banned players through demos WHO WERE NOT HACKING, since the whole admin turning it into pbbans becomes secretive (they do it through xfire) you dont see proof of what is really going on beyond that point.


No they don't.


But I found out pbbans was probably selling hacks, or at least I thought, how do they make a living and maintain the site when they are on it 18 hours a day? I found out some of the pbbans staff members are actually part of a hacking squad called [83rd], which has been seen numerous times in WAW, COD4, and 1 popped up yesterday in MW2, but it seems at the same time they want it to be known to.


How the heck is 83rd a hacking squad?



Was it pbbans selling the hacks? I dont know, its only speculation at that point since the trail of the investigation ends right there, but it sure the hell seems like activision are the ones behind it given the clues and the fact hacks are found practically before a games release by them.


lawlz conshpeeracy


But I never had problems with VAC in any game until MW2 came out, then it seems worse then when PB dealt with hacks, but had PB been part of this game, I doubt it could of done anything anyway, I think IW had a reason to move away from PB to VAC.


It could have done 3rd party streaming, demo-submitting, and a heck of a lot more than what VAC does not.

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It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths some people will go to making themselves look ridiculous.

From the well thought out forum topic, to the leet content of the initial post, all contribute to what the casual reader of our forums will assume re character / integrity / intelligence quotient etc etc of the initial poster.

From the moment he pressed the "post this topic" button he gave everyone an insight into what levels of the above traits he has reached.

God knows what he will post when he reaches the "terrible teens" phase of his life :P

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Too funny


interesting to know pbbans knows where to go to find me to, apparently they been stalking me out since I spilled the beans on their little game they been playing with hacks, also why lonehawk vanished from 83rd and the entire 83rd has vanished and reappeared to look like a legit clan, a clan that now has coincidentally 100+ members in it and makes out like they been around for years. Also the same clan who deleted the cheat test server named 83rd which was passworded 12 slot server.


And because you post about it makes it true right? In that case I "saw" wwe_patriot hacking in MW2. Guess it's true because I posted it on a forum.


pbbans are fucking retarded people who belong in the looney bin, the only thing those dumb bitches know how to do is talk shit down on their little forum and never dispute any of the claims or evidence bought forth, thats pbbans little game.


Well doesn't help when you post under an alias with the title "To you dumb ni*g*rs" (title was censored by a forum mod). So you expect people to be nice to you after starting a topic with that title and making baseless claims with no proof? And you call PBBans retarded.


Keep making yourself look like an ass and providing all of us with some nice laughs.



yeah they are a bunch of ni*g*rs, like a ***........spineless, no brain, porch monkies, free loaders, bunch of *** tards who live off of the government.



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I think I remember arguing with WWE parrot back in the day on the cod4 forums. He got banned for something and decided to bitch.. I don't remember where the ban is but of course he hasn't let it go...

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It's always nice when something like this comes along and brightens up my day. Well everyone's got to have some kind of hoby, some people play games, others come up with miraculuous conspiracy theories regarding anti-cheat orginisations. God it just cracks me up :lol:


P.S. Was that his own avatar or did an admin change it. If so :clapsmiley: to them

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I find it difficult to believe a person who represents himself in such a manner without the ability to structure a coherent sentence, thinks anyone would actually listen to his ramblings.


For the record, I and other staff here do have jobs. My role here is voluntary and I do it because I enjoy helping those that want to be helped. Unfortunately dealing with ignorant idiots like this is the downside of it. Given the number of forums this guy spouts his propaganda on, I think it's safe to assume he may be the one who needs to find himself a useful existence.

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LOL he is still saying we make hacks and still no proof.


If he made an ac site the server admin could submit "joeblow was hacking on my server" and they would reply "he is now banned, gj."

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not to be rude, but, who gives a rat's azz?


let him spout his drivel somewhere else and good riddance


that whole forum is trolls.....when they can keep it up

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He is still posting that we sell hacks. I think he was dropped as a child and can't understand requests.








Calls for an award



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This guy needs to write a novel or a Children's Book.

Maybe after a high school education that will teach him to string a coherent sentence together, without profanity or racist content. :P

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I think this should have died but the stupidity of this guy just amazes me


pbbans sells hacks anyway.


Go look at the pbbans list for demos, you will find ALOT of people banned who didnt hack nor give the idea they were hacking, some of those demos are not even long enough to determine anything.


Which then makes you wonder who was banned by PB detection system that wasnt hacking? We know PB will boot for anything but hacking.




Just found his first post here



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This dude is still making his claims in IW's forums and posting YouTube vids to 'support' them. I had a look at the link he provided and I have to say that the vid does less for his credibility than British MPs' expenses claims do for their integrity. I even read through the blurb he posted with it, what a complete load of BS. I can only think that his real motivation behind trying to discredit PB and PBans is that he has himself been caught cheating and banned. Either that or he's just delusional.

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