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If i'll get ban in my own server, will I be able to unban myself?


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No you won't be able to unban yourself. Don't do it unless you want to lose your ability to play on PB-enabled servers as well as your SGA status. Any violation gets logged to Evenbalance, no matter what server it's on, and will result in you receiving a global ban.


If you've enabled Punkbuster, have the right flags set in your server manager, and are running the MD5-checks from our MCI, you can assume it's working correctly.


Again, don't test cheats!

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If you are caught "testing" a cheat, your SGA status will be removed and your clan will not be able to continue streaming until you are removed from it == kicked out. Same goes for any other clans that want to stream while you're in them. This is the same as for any other caught cheater.


"Testing" is no excuse. Getting caught with a hack means you're a hacker. The end.





Edit:// I hate the guy above me... yet at the same time he's awesome...

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It's simple.


Hacking is hacking, period.


Try any punkbuster command to see if it's running. If yes, then everything is good.

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You guyz don't understand, in Crysis Wars you can have more damage, no recoil, more bullets, just by:

**censored** tongue.gif


I don't mean aimbot.


Soo yeah, what i'm doing right now is testing, ban is disabled so I'm only getting kick (I think). tongue.gif



But I wanted to see how the ban system works, but if it's not allowed, no problem.


Before i'm going to enable the ban system, have to make sure that it wouldn't ban innconet players.








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Plastered all over this forum, in one form or another is this;



Unless you want to become another statistic, do not fall to temptation.

PB actually works, even more so when the server is running the recomended cvar / md5 scans as per the PBBans MCI, unlike valve :P

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