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Happy Holidays from PBBans 2010


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As another year comes to an end we would like to take this time to thank all of our streamers, donors and supporters for making PBBans what it is today. Without you there would be no PBBans.


It has been another great year for PBBans. While we had a few ups and downs, overall it's been very positive. From new site features and new games to a new working relationship with DICE. It was very refreshing to have a member of a development studio contact us about supporting Bad Company 2 which continued into newer games such as Medal of Honor. Mikael Kalms of DICE was willing to listen to our suggestions and does his best to provide solutions so we extend our thanks for the work he does.


So with that we wish everyone Happy Holidays from all of us at PBBans. Have a safe and cheat free holiday season.

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Happy holidays to all


Raise your glasses to Kalms and also the PBBans staff for another wonderful year of hacker hunting :)


I agree! :cheers_3: Thank you for all you do to help us to catch hackers!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Great job to MaydaX and the entire staff of PBBans for running a top notch website and streaming system. Also, Cheers to Kalms for going above and beyond to support Dice games! Thanks for everything!

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