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Registering Clantag / Nickname


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Spanish translation: here


Hi, today i will talk about a very interesting but not well known PunkBuster feature, the tag/nick registering for clans and individuals.


Before starting, this is a paying feature, there is a small anual fee, but really cheap to the benefits we get.


What is this?


The tag/nick registering lets a individual player or a whole clan to register a name in EvenBalace to restrict who can use it on specific serves and to ensure gamer(s) id on all servers


I will use as example in this tutorial my own clan tag "d&e", allready registered on EvenBalace (Feel free to add it to your pbsv.cfg ;) )


How much it costs?


To register a full individual player nickname, as "d&e'mangu", is worth a 1$/month , but you must pay a whole year in advance, thus 12$ for a full-year registering.


To register a clan tag or team tag, costs 2$/month, also with anual suscription, 24$ is the fee you must pay for a full year suscription, with the advantage that all the clan members take benefit from it.


What benefits will I get?


Mainly two, and both related to security


1st - On all servers with tag/name protection activated, and your nick/tag added, only the players with the password on his PC can use the nick or tag registered, any attempt to use it without password (trying to steal a nickname, i,e.) will be kicked.


2nd - In all the servers (including previous), the log of the server will register a special entry that allows to certify if was the authentic player who was there. That means If someone steal our nickname or uses the clan tag without permission, and does something weird on server, you always can ask to admin to seek your registered entry on logs to ensure that was a fake. This include the fake names used by cheaters when use someone id, or a stealed clan tag. Any player in server can also check our id, just using /pb_plist at any moment.


How do i get it?


You must go to EvenBalance webpage, here, and click on "New name registration", read and if you agree, use the form to set the registering data:


- Contact name: Our real name, to contact you if needed.


- Contact E-Mail: Must use a valid e-mail address, further instructions will be send here


- Admin Password: The password to manage accounts (don't use same password as for nick/tag)


- Type of Registration: Here we choose to register clan tag or individual nickname.


- Tag or Name to register: In case we register a clan tag, we can use any part of shared tag, and on any place at nickname, i.e. if we register "d&e" will be valid either if we use "d&e'mangu" as "mangu|d&e" ,or "ET.d&e_Mangu".

The individual nicknames must be registered at full length. ie. "d&e'mangu" or "Shadow|Warrior.BF"


- Password: Password needed to use nick/tag. All the players that want to use registered tag or nickname must to known this. They must use a special PB command just once, and a file will be created at PB folder.


- Description: Max 80 chars. This text will appear at registration, and if we do a /pb_plist at any server.


Payment can be done with major Credit Cards and by PayPal.


When finished the payment, we will receive a e-mail with further instructions to activate our registered nickname or a command to share with clanmembers to use the the clantag.


How to setup a server to use it?


If we want a tag or nickname to be exclusive for registered users, we must edit pbsv.cfg with the following command:


pb_sv_ProtectTag [ID] [TAG]

Will receive the ID in the activation e-mail. The TAG is the registered one. In our example, it must be:


pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 d&e

The ID is a code assigned by evenbalance to avoid repeated registered tags. I.e. if we get ID 3, it means that there are another 2 clans with this tag registered, with different passwords. All can be used specifying ID.


Same applies to nicknames.


pb_sv_ProtectName [ID] [NICK]

Would be great if we do a list with all our registered nicks and tags, and we all setup our servers with all of them, adding to our pbsv.cfg files:


(Just as example)

pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 d&e
pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 C!B
pb_sv_ProtectTag 5 danger
pb_sv_ProtectName 4 Warrior

Then we can avoid that someone use C!B, d&e or danger in his nickname without permission of the clan. Also anybody with the nickname "Warrior" can enter the servers without password. Anybody trying to use it, will be warned and kicked in 30 seconds.


Also without any server setup, all PunkBuster Enabled Servers will show our online "signature" for added security.

If someone issues a /pb_plist on the server we are, will obtain something like this:


Posted Image


This will ensure the id of a player in any moment.


Note that we can change our password at any time at EvenBalance web. This can be necesary if, in example, some member left the clan, and we don't want him using the clantag anymore. We then must share the new password with members and no further server config will be needed.


This way we can avoid the well-known "anxious noob" efect :P , where a guy uses the clantag just after posting his recruitment form, or even without it ;). We ensure this way that our clantag will remain clean when somebody uses it without permission.


This also gives added security to clanwars and scrims, we must only do a /pb_plist to ensure that there is no fake nickname or merc at enemy files.


I hope we all start using this feature. It's a low fee compared to a server hosting cost. And just with single registration we can use our registered nickname/tag on ALL PunkBuster enabled games.


If you want to add PBBans clans to our servers config, just reply here the data needed:


Mine ;) :

ID:1 , ClanTag: d&e

Command to add to pbsv.cfg: pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 d&e



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I have a question:


If someone is banned and they have a registered tag, will it show up on the pbbans report? Like will it say that it was a protected tag?


I'm just wondering coz it would be a quick proof of innocents if its not shown, or guilt if it is.


any knowledge on this?

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I think it could be done, as registration is shown on PB log, it can be retrieved from streaming, AFAIK.

But remember that the registered cheater can still delete the reg file on his computer before using the cheat. :P




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I think it could be done, as registration is shown on PB log, it can be retrieved from streaming, AFAIK.

But remember that the registered cheater can still delete the reg file on his computer before using the cheat. :P


well there is always a way around everything unfortunately, of course the registration wouldn't be the only thing to check or not check, guid and ip would have to be looked at also.


i was just curious if the reports are currently set up to show this or not.

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Ok Here is the list so far of people that have protected tags:

(copy and paste the red code to your pbsv.cfg file)


pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 d&e mangu (?Game?)


pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 (A.S.S) (A.S.S)Banshee (F.E.A.R and CoD2)

pb_sv_protecttag 1 =CR= =CR= Slaughter (COD4)


pb_sv_protecttag 1 =TCM= Anti-medic (COD4) I added you to our server Slaughter!

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ID:1 , ClanTag: |KH|-

Command to add to pbsv.cfg: pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 |KH|-





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Here is a PBBANS protected tags list. Please post your PB protected tags in this manner: pb_sv_ProtectTag [iD] [TAG]. Read this thread completely so there is no confusion. If you are unsure please PM me. Admins if I over step my bounds here sorry!


Add this

pb_sv_load protected.cfg	  //[load the protected Tags (if protected.cfg exists)]
to your pbsv.cfg




Then save this to your pb folder (save in the same folder that the pbsv.cfg is in)


Restart pb or the server. Tags are protected.


I will check atleast weekly for new tags and then update the protected.cfg

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protected.cfg updated 17 Feb 08.


Shameless plug. If your tags are in this post then your tags are added to =TCM= servers protected.cfg on our server! Our server is COD4 Name of the server is Militia Gaming =TCM=

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PB_SV_ProtectTag 1 =GG=



Thanks, Medic.



NP! Just trying to give back. Updated! If anyone has any issues DLing this please let me know.

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