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i f*cked it up again


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Punkbuster Client : failed to reselove etguildauth.evenbalance.com


anyone with a suggestion on this.............onlyhappend in the last hour or so .....and after a pb update as well.......


funny how any pb update these days fucks everything up ALL the time..................


running 2.55


i have the new pnkbstr sevvice and run it twice to see if i can get on........... no such luck


anyone getting problems ??

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Have had no client issues myself. For a (very) brief period today my servers could not resolve et1.evenbalance.com, but that resolved itself very quickly. I for one am greatful for the latest update. It took care of a nasty hack.

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Stop blaming PB for everything!!! :angry:


This is NOT PB problem but DNS!!!


try adding etguidauth.evenbalance.com


to your system32/etc/hosts file open with notepad!






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check (ALT+Enter) if \Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts is write protected


/me suggests another one: delete et_dir/pb/pbns.dat ... (see above): delete et_dir/pb/* /s (backup *.cfg) and run pbsetup on it.



tracert AND tracert pbguidauth.idsoftware.com at a command prompt should end with sth like that:


7 149 ms 149 ms 149 ms ID-Software-Inc-1114420.cust-rtr.swbell.net []

8 150 ms 150 ms 150 ms pbguidauth.idsoftware.com []


PE netcfg

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