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IRC Question


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I'm still somewhat n00bish with IRC, I used to think it was for pedo-furs & hackers so I never bothered with it much.Up until now I've just used MIRC which I dunno if it's just me but I feel like it's lacking. Being the IRC n00b that I am I feel like it lacks in user friendliness.In todays internet where programs are so user friendly & my Grandma can get online & check her email with no help at all you would think that theres an IRC program geared toward the the beginner & ease of use, whose not a code junkie.


Today I've downloaded HydraIRC which I seem to like the feel of better & I managed to figure some things out rather quickly, it's not quite fully developed.


I was just curious as to what some of you may use & recommend?

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GamersIRC ftw: http://gamersirc.net/


Yeah mIRC is hideously complicated - but frankly the only way to learn with IRC is to dive in and fiddle with it a bit. Wiki terms you don't understand. I still don't understand mIRC - but GamersIRC provides some great shortcuts and tools for common tasks that are annoying to perform in vanilla mIRC.


EDIT: Bloody hell Benway, how do you work with that :lol:

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ok I'm trying out the GamersIRC



Only question is how to set it to autojoin more than one server so I can autoconnect to both Quakenet & Gamesurge.


Thanks for all the input guys :)

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Been fiddling with the themes I see ;)


In gamersIRC you can right click in the status window of the server and select "autoconnect to this network" or something of that ilk - a lot better than having to manually add "/server -m blah.blah.blah" in perform.

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Mirc is fairly complicated. Try reading some tutorials on gamesurge or quakenet if you wanna learn the basics of mirc. There are some great plugins for mirc but be careful some spam the servers and get you banned.

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