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PBBans.com 5 Years and Going Strong!


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We have achieved many things over the past five years. In the beginning, we used the Repository method of streaming and held on to a small group of dedicated streaming admin averaging around 200 streaming servers. After a few years and many personnel changes, the Hub was born and changed PBBans.com and the anti-cheat community forever. No longer would we be considered as "the other" anti-cheat site.


As of today, we are the first and only PunkBuster related anti-cheat site to have over 7,000 servers configured to stream. We also currently have 6,935 groups with streaming accounts and growing an average of 15 accounts per day. Our live Hub system offers those that choose to stream with us, the ability to begin streaming immediately after account validation. The bans system is extremely flexible and provides the server admin many different methods to protect their servers.


We look forward to what the next five years may hold and are very thankful for everyone's continued support of PBBans.com. Without your generous donations, streaming servers, and vocal support, PBBans.com would not be what it is today. If you are interested in supporting PBBans.com, donate today using the PayPal link on the left side of this page.


Thanks again!




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One hell of a milestone - and damn proud to be part of it :)


7000 configured servers, with no less than 6200 streaming at any one time is an amazing feat - especially when you start thinking about the hardware and software supporting it.


May we last for many more years to come :)

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Congrats PBBANS!!!


GP is fairly new to having our own server but by no means new to dealing with PBBans. Class act on all of the staffs part that I have personally dealt with. Not sure BF2 would even be playable at this point without all the combined effort put in. Thanks to everyone who puts in so much time to make our pass time much more enjoyable. Game on!

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