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PunkBuster coming to Wolfenstein


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Activision Publishing, Inc. has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate PunkBuster Anti-Cheat software into the online multiplayer section of the highly-anticipated Wolfenstein, executive produced by id Software and developed by Raven Software and Endrant Studios. PunkBuster Anti-Cheat features will be available "out-of-the-box" with the retail release of the game on August 4th, 2009.


Wolfenstein will be added to our systems upon release. Also a game based signature will be added and available for account users to select.



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And the game is not free. :P


Yeah thats good thing. But sometimes I wonder even if COD 4 cost 50$ appx ban list on MBI is growing at high rate.


ET is free game and 6 yrs old till banning was suspended. COD 4 is just reaching 2 years or so. 50,000 ban vs 28,000 appx.


I hope it doesn't need some uber machine to run the game. Seems like I will get excuse to buy new laptop for myself. :P

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Awesomeness... ET lovers are waiting for it. ;)

v 5 5 affirmative


And the game is not free. :P


some1 knows what the price U$? * estimated

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i paid 60 euros incl. shipping 8/3/09 ;P


System Requirements PC Wolfenstein:

# Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz or AMD Athlon 64 3400+

# 1 GB RAM

# GeForce 6800 GT 256MB or Radeon X800 256MB

# 8 GB HD



PS: Bah ET :P

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Used to play ET back in the day, looking forward to this.

I hope it'll be enough of a change from ET but still maintaining what made ET awesome.

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Great to see PBBans will be behind this new release.


Looks a fantastic game from the snippets their releasing at the moment, hope it lives up to the hype :)

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Will be at Wal-Mart at midnight to get my copy, I work nights so that's a plus... will probably be caffeine'd up and setting up a server as soon as I can get one.


ETL is looking forward to doing less anti-cheat work for at least a little while ;)

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