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Why is it necessary to run a clan/ site to participate?


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I am playing BFBC2 and rented a server a couple of days ago. Why do I need to run a site/ clan to participate?


Wouldn't it be much more effective to allow also server admins without a clan/ site to keep the cheaters away from the game?

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All the mandatory reqirements were put in place to address security issues we have come accross in the past. If anything, in the future these requirements will get tougher not easier. If you can not comply with any of the mandatory streaming requirements, then an application for a team account is a waste of yours and our time.

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History has taught us basically not to allow just anyone to use our services, we look for signs of longevity in communities. We are very proud that the integrity of our service isn't compromised. We protect those who currently use it and who will use it in the future. We do appreciate some clans are just starting out, or are merely fun communities with low numbers. As said above the requirement for a website is mandatory. There are plenty of free options out there, especially as you probably don't want to be spending money starting out. However, ensuring the requirements are met, would in the long run be beneficial to you :)


The choice of course is yours :)

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No matter what game genre we are talking about, the same mandatory streaming requirements apply to all.

There is no way we are going to have one rule for one, and another rule for another.

So, root access to server files or not, the mandatory streaming requirements will stay in place for everyone.

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I understand concerns about security but in case of bfbc2, there is no need for such harsh requirements imo.


No game is safe. BC2 server files got leaked numerous times so someone has access. Even the MoH beta server files got leaked. If they have access to the files good chance they have access to hook the exe like other games and therefore servers must be screened like the rest.


Trusted providers can't be trusted to keep game servers secure when it comes to PBBans. It only takes one.

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You can host your forums for free, if you are just starting clan.






(Got above links from Google Search)


You will meet our requirements if you have forums + roster. With above free services, you can start your clan/community for no additional cost. It's just one few clicks work.


Note: As far as I know, they don't give back up of your database(post+topics), if you need one in future. If you are interested in making your clan, I suggest you pay a little of 3-5$/month for webhosting and install forums on it.


If you need any extra help regarding how to get your forums working, feel free to post here. Just ask the question and community members will help you. :)


I hope it helps.

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You could also rent your server from one of many different providers who offer free website hosting along with the server rental ;) I happen to know of one in particular :scratchchin:


Just dont use GameServers.com with that in mind.


They offer zero support in their "free" website offer.



LPGS does offer excelent "ongoing" support to that end. They set ours up, and were quick to hop into the admin interface to help stomp out the fires I started... But Live started the last fire we had, lol :P


But yeah, a clan website is an ez deal.


I'd suggest staying away from a site like clantoolz, or anything simular. Waste of money, and you do not get access to the files you need in the event you choose to go a different direction.




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They offer zero support in their "free" website offer.


I have 3 servers with GameServers and have both my website and forum on their free sites. I am willing to offer any support and even build simple sites for those that need them, no matter which provider they are with. For those that want plenty of webspace/bandwidth for a very low price, Web Hosting Pad offers sites for less than $42.00 a year. I already manage a couple of sites for other people through them and their service is great. They are perfect for those that have modded servers and need the room for maps/mods.

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